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Powder Brows

What are powder brows?

Powder brows, also known as ombre brows, are a semi-permanent eyebrow shaping technique. This popular method is created by implanting pixels of high quality ink beneath the skin with a machine.  The results resemble the soft shading of a penciled brow with a misty natural finish.

Who should get powder brows?

Those who have brow hair and want a little extra definition would be a great fit for powder brows. It is also the preferred technique for people with oily skin, as it typically lasts much longer than micro-blading. 

What are the benefits of powder brows?

It can enhance the beauty and appearance and also balance out asymmetry. It can fill in naturally thin brows or brows thinning due to medical or accidental issues. Given that powder brows are designed to be semi-permanent they will fade over time thus being versatile. People with vision issues that have a hard time seeing to apply makeup to the eyebrow are also great candidates and may find this a very beneficial enhancement.

How long do powder brows last?

Results do vary based on lifestyle, skin type, health, preferences, etc. However, powder brows, using high-quality pigments, can last on average 2-3 years.

How long does the powder brow service take?

Powder brows are done in a series of two sessions.  The first session is the foundational session and will last about 2-2.5 hours.  This is when the shape of the brow is established and the first layers of pigment are implanted.  We will schedule  your second session for about 4-6 weeks later.  This is the perfecting session and takes about 1-2 hours.  At this session any light spots, texture, or color will be corrected.  Sometimes people need more than two sessions to achieve their desired look due to stubborn skin, improper after care, age, etc.

What is the cost of powder brows?

The consultation, custom shape, pigment matching, virtual technology to ensure symmetry, first & second session and an aftercare kit are all included in the fee of $500.

*A non-refundable $100 deposit will be collected prior to your first session. The deposit will be applied to the total price.

Within the first 1-2 years some touch-up work may need to be done to maintain your brows. The pricing will be adjusted according to the condition of the brows and how much work may need to be done. Maintenance touch-ups within 12-24 months are $150-$350. *A non-refundable $100 deposit will be collected prior to this session.  The deposit will be applied to your total price.

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