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As we ebb and flow out of the winter and into the spring there are always new styles, colors, and some challenges in our beauty routine. That being said I have some advice and some new product alerts to keep you looking your best through all of the seasonal transitions!

Seasonally, we need to be aware how our hair reacts to our environment. Currently we are still feeling the effects of the dryness of winter. Ideally I would suggest using a hair mask at this time to lock in some moisture. Moisturizing now will help heal your hair from the dryness of winter. Prepping your hair for more sun exposure & lightening during a hair color service (which we tend to do this time of year) is a good way to be proactive. I use and recommend the full line of Keune treatments that can be used at home or at the salon as an add on treatment.

Earth Day is soon approaching. I have been extremely impressed with the new packaging and formulation of the Keune So Pure line. Many of you have seen it and some of you are using it and loving it. I am currently using the Polish formula at home and I love the way my hair shines. I also love that the packaging is environmentally friendly. Did you know that Keune is 100% cruelty free and offers many vegan options as well? Keune takes care of their employees, customers, and our Mother Earth. Read more about there initiatives here.

I am so excited of the progress made for the new look of UR cosmetics. The new look has not launched yet but look for it soon! Until then you can shop in store or online for UR cosmetics.

Did you know that UR cosmetics are made in the USA and are also EXCLUSIVE to Studio 6? I curated this line of cosmetics because I wanted everyone who tried it to be comfortable using it on their own. Say bye bye to having a cabinet full of unused products that you don't remember how to use or why you purchased it. Inquire at your next appointment and I can match your skin tone to the perfect shade of foundation and get you on your way to a more confident and beautiful you!

Here is a little bit of what my design will look like.......


(New Logo Coming SOON!)

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