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For the Fellas

1 $20 gift card for Studio 6 good for services or retail

1 hand sanitizer with green or blue camo pouch

1 JM Keune eau de toilette (cologne) 3.4oz very earthy &woody fragrant with sandalwood, cedar, and eucalyptus notes.

                                          ~2 Gifts with purchase~

1 sleeve Wild Spectrums firestarters in red or natural packaging


1 $5 Gift Certificate for Garden Of Eatin' AMAZING people and AMAZING, food


Local Pick Up only at Lylli & Ivi Cakes & Sweet Treat Cafe


A little info about......

Wild Spectrums firestarters are a hemp based, sustainable, and great for indoor or outdoor(also available in logs)!  A family owned business by 2 brothers who just happen to be my nephews. Show some love for this new and sure to be successful business. Follow them on facebook and instagram. Share, share, share with your friends and family. ❤️

For the Fellas

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