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Until further notice effective April 28, 2021

Please be advised, for the safety of all, the following will be the new set of standards for salon guests. Thank you for helping us slow the spread and for being socially responsible.

➢ Services will  be provided by appointment only.

➢ If you are sick, stay home. If you have a temperature,

     stay home. If someone in your house is sick, stay home.

     In any of these cases, reschedule your appointment to a later


➢ Masks.  If you are more comfortable wearing one I will too, however please know that I am                 100% vaccinated.  If you are (vaccinated) too, then (according to the CDC) there is no need.   

     Please if wearing a mask, consider wearing one that has straps around the ears as certain mask         styles may interfere with the performance of the haircut or color treatment).

➢ Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer provided before 

     and after you leave the salon.

➢ As much as possible, maintain a distance of at least six

     feet from other clients when walking through the salon.


What I will be doing to keep you all safe:

➢As usual, I will be upholding the sanitation practices set before us by the State of 

    Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services.

➢ I will be wearing a mask.

➢ Physical distancing and working capacity will be implemented

➢ Beverage service is suspended until further notice

➢ I will be taking extra time for deeper sanitation practices between each guest.

➢ I will be cleaning high traffic areas such as door handles, counter tops, and bathroom more frequently.            

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